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Sky-Walker is an open integration platform that integrates all the technical, safety and security systems within your buildings. Whatever brand or supplier you use, you’ll end up with one intuitive management solution.

From one technology in one building, to multiple technologies in multisite corporations, Sky-Walker provides both stand-alone applications and client-server based solutions. You choose the extent of the project. Our basic solution provides everything that’s necessary, but you can also go full option.

Sky-Walker combines a number of powerful features. These include an intuitive user-interface, built-in video manager, efficient analysis tools, statistics, dashboards and much more. The result? One of the most comprehensive integration platforms on the market.

Sky-Walker equals efficiency at its best. Why?

• Vendor independent
• Customizable
• Tailor-made
• Modular
• Optimal scalability

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a live demo, to experience Sky-Walker for yourself.

Operational Client Reporting Module